The Perfect Finish

Design professionals and decorators know that preparing a room for decoration is very necessary in order to provide the room selected with the most in tender loving decorative care. It is necessary to scrape the walls of old wall-paper or paint and assure that the surface is as smooth and clean as possible. A floor grinder is useful in assuring the flooring is smooth. The floor is prepared in order that tile or carpeting is laid on a clean, smooth surface. Once the preceding types of prep work are performed then the fun can begin with regard to the entire decorative process.

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What to do after a room is adequately prepped

The room is now a blank slate. The designer or the decorator is put in the most favourable position of selecting furniture items, complementary colours, new doors, and hardwood flooring. The person involved in the decorative process may inquire Where to begin first?

The theme is of primary importance

The theme of the room is important. However, if a theme is difficult to determine, then the best course of action is to paint the entire room in neutral shades. Good neutral shades include tans, off-whites, white, and grays. The entirety of the room is repainted, especially if it has not attained a good coat of paint for awhile. Generally, when selling a property, repainting a room can up the value of the home substantially--so whether selling a property or not--painting a room provides a sense of newness.

Laying a neutral shade of flooring is essential

The carpeting, in the preceding scenario has been removed since a floor grinder has been used. The next thing to do then is to either lay new flooring or to lay new carpeting. A very popular colour, nowadays, is gray. Persons truly like the gray hardwood look of flooring. This is a good choice if the person for whom the room is being decorated is having a difficult time in making up his or her mind with regard to a proper flooring choice. Many types of flooring that mimic hardwoods are just as beautiful as the hardwood option.

Furniture is in proportion with room dimensions

The furniture is proportional for the size of the room. It is best to practice minimalist thinking than over-crowding the room with small furniture items or overloading with sensational larger pieces of furniture. For example, if the room is dimensionally small, two or three very necessary furniture items remain the best bet.

One great piece of art is better than too many

When it comes to pieces of artwork--"less is more." The good designer realises the wisdom of the Japanese artisan in this regard that it is precisely better to focus on one unique piece of art than trying to decipher or take in a collage of various pictures. For the person not normally engaged in the hanging and the placement of art on walls, the size of art, perfected to the dimensions of the room is the safest route to take in engaging the eye of the visitor and/or resident. The art theme is contemporary for modern furnishings and accessories and more Victorian in effect--when antiques are employed within the arrangement. Too when rooms are dimensionally large with some unique antiques, it is okay to provide the room with more in the way of pictorials of varying sizes. Everything depends upon the design and the theme of the area where decorating occurs.

The consumer unsure about room decoration is encouraged to make use of the professional advice of a decorator or designer

The resident may make use of a designer in assisting with a decorating project or refer to many of the sites on the Internet providing information with how to create a sensational-looking room. The rule of thumb though is to keep matters simple initially, since more in the way of accessories can always be added to complement the accessories purchased initially, at a later date.